Anna Thomas Talks Senior Softball Season and Tells Her Recruitment Story

Anna Thomas appreciates the family she has found in the softball team and is looking forward to her senior season in the spring.

Photo provided by Anna Thomas

Anna Thomas appreciates the family she has found in the softball team and is looking forward to her senior season in the spring.

Guest Contributor, Brandon Cox

Anna Thomas, a senior on the women’s softball team, shares her excitement about the upcoming season and discusses how she got to E&H.

With her final season approaching, Thomas says, “I am most excited to have the opportunity to play one final season as a senior at Emory and Henry with my team. Our softball team is like a family and is one of my biggest support systems. The team is made up of so many great people that are some of my best friends. I am also excited to compete against some new schools this season as we start to transition to DII.”

The women’s softball team continues to have regular practices as they prepare for their new upcoming schedule consisting of Division II teams.

“Practices are going really well! We actually are about to finish up our fall season for the semester as we get ready to head home for winter break,” Thomas said. “We have had a really great fall season of practices and scrimmage games and are excited to start competing in the spring.”

A day in the life of a softball player is a busy schedule, but Thomas manages it.

“My day consists of weight-training/lifting early in the morning, and I attend classes and do some homework before our afternoon/evening softball practices,” said Thomas. “I honestly enjoy being super busy all of the time but it is really important for me to plan out my schedule and manage my time well. I usually keep a calendar of important dates and practices so that I can stay up to date with my deadlines.”

Thomas also expressed that her sport is a stress reliever when school gets busy and overwhelming, saying, “It is a time where I can be active and just enjoy playing the sport I love with my teammates.”

Thomas was recruited at a travel softball tournament the summer before her senior year of high school.

“I reached out to Coach Forrester over an email and came on a couple of visits. I eventually decided that I wanted to play college softball at E&H,” Thomas said. “I loved the campus and the family atmosphere of the softball team.”

Since being recruited, Thomas has enjoyed that softball family she came to E&H to experience.

“Campus life at Emory and Henry has been really great,” she said. “I have met some of the best people and I am constantly surrounded by my teammates.”