Mikayla McCray Shares her Cheering Experience as she Readies for Basketball Cheer

Mikayla McCray is transitioning from football to basketball season with her team.

Photo provided by Mikayla McCray

Mikayla McCray is transitioning from football to basketball season with her team.

Guest Contributor, Destiny Fulton

The E&H Cheer Team is transitioning into basketball season. Cheerleader Mikayla McCray is excited to move into a season full of stunts and new uniforms with her teammates.

McCray, a sophomore at E&H, cheered prior to coming to college and she was recruited to cheer at E&H her senior year of high school.

“I knew that I wanted to keep cheering and E&H cheer was a perfect match for me,” McCray said.

During her time cheering at E&H, she has cheered for several different sports and learned new skills. She just recently started flying for the E&H cheer team.

“I am a new flyer, I feel like I am keeping up with the other girls well and I am constantly learning new things. My confidence has grown a lot.” McCray said.

The cheer team as a whole is moving on to a new season and sport. Basketball season is coming up at E&H and the cheerleaders are working on new skills to bring to the basketball courts with them.

“We are finishing up football season and getting ready for basketball! We are preparing some really cool stunts that we think the fans will enjoy.” McCray said.

“We are learning pyramids, pyramids are when we stack girls on top of each other. One pyramid we like doing is having one flyer on the shoulders of a base and have a flyer climb up on the knee of the flyer on the shoulders, it’s called a one one one or a two high.” McCray said.

With a new season coming up, there are plenty of things for the cheer team to look forward to. McCray said, “I am excited to wear our new two piece white uniform and be inside and not in the cold!”

McCray is preparing for this transition while also trying to keep up with her school work. She is an education major with hopes to teach after she graduates college. Balancing school, personal life, and a sport all at the same time can be hard on student athletes.

McCray stated that her life “becomes more stressful especially during basketball season because there are multiple games a week on top of practice.”

Outside of her busy cheer schedule, McCray enjoys spending time with her friends from her sorority. “I am involved in Greek Life. I am a part of Kappa Phi Alpha! Joining this was great for me because it gave me a friend group outside of my team and I really enjoy having a group of girls that I can hang out with,” she said.