Cambridge Residence Hall to be DEI House Next Fall


Guest Contributor, Camille Hoad

Emory & Henry College’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has secured a housing option for students interested in living in an inclusive, diverse community.

The DEI House housing option will be available for both returning and first-year students. The DEI House will be Cambridge House located in the Village across from the Inclusion & Dialogue Center.

John Holloway, the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion spoke about his vision for the DEI House at an information meeting on Tuesday, Mar. 31.

“It’s going to be a little more than just a dormitory or a living situation,” Holloway said. “It’s going to be a place where we hope to really foster all of the principles that are embraced by supporting a DEI agenda.”

“We are going to prepare students for life on campus as DEI leaders, and also ultimately to prepare students for a global world after they graduate and leave the campus.”

The DEI House will contain four single rooms and eight double rooms, housing a total of 20 students.

Holloway also explained that the DEI House will host activities and programs, many of which will be student planned or student led. Holloway also expressed an interest in partnering with other houses around the DEI House for programming, like the International Students housing.

A goal of the DEI House is to teach students leadership skills revolved around diversity, equity and inclusion that they can use on campus and off.

Reverend Sharon Bowers wants members of the DEI House to “be leaders in our community. If we can create another leadership cadre that is specific for diversity, equity and inclusion, then we can effectuate change on our campus as well as in the community”

“I’m extremely excited about the possibility of living in the DEI house,” said Jacob Cordle, a DEI Office Student Advocate. “It will give us students the opportunity to develop leadership skills and create a safe, inclusive environment for all.”

Placement of students in the DEI House will be based on the Inclusion & Dialogue Center’s service groups. Some of these groups include the LGBTQ+ community, those interested in social justice and racial equality, and first generation students.