SGA Approves New Legislation and Announces Annual Awards



The Emory & Henry College Student Government Association held its biweekly meeting on Wednesday, introducing numerous legislative bills.

Ciel Smith, Guest Contributor

On Wednesday, Feb. 24 the Emory & Henry College Student Government Association (SGA) unanimously passed five pieces of legislation and announced information about this year’s SGA-sponsored awards.

Senator Desirhea Morton presented two resolutions.

The first was the Fix the System (FTS) Resolution, which seeks to expand the services offered by the Powell Resource Center. The FTS Resolution requests that the college hire a more diverse counselling staff and provide telehealth options for students.

The second resolution, the Emory Clean Air (ECA) Resolution, seeks to slow the spread of COVID-19 on campus through the purchase of air purifiers. The air purifiers would be placed in areas where students commonly gather. This includes dining spaces and classrooms.

The ECA Resolution cites information from the Environmental Protection Agency, which states that air purifiers, when combined with other measures, are an effective way to decrease virus transmission.

The SGA also passed three bills at the meeting.

Senator Sandra Coffee introduced a bill to install a coin-operated duck feeder at the college duck pond.

Another bill, from Senator Carlee Sullins, recognized the Emory & Henry Club Sports Governing Board as an official organization. The Club sought recognition at a previous meeting on Feb.3, but was ultimately turned down for lacking clarification.

Senator Clare Carter presented the third and final bill, which amended the SGA budget to include the budget of the Calliopean Literary Society.

It was also announced that nominations are open for this year’s SGA-sponsored awards, including awards for Outstanding Senior, SGA Organization of the Year, Jack Roper Senator of the Year, and the Teaching in Excellence Award, which is the only award of the four given to an E&H faculty member.

All students should have received an email from Dean Ryan Bowyer containing information about each award and how to vote.

Nominations are open until Monday, Mar. 8.