SGA Discusses Club Sports Governance Board



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On Wednesday, Feb. 3 the Emory & Henry College Student Government Association held its weekly meeting. After Senator Joseph Johnson noted the primary voter election for Lieutenant Governor being held on Friday, Feb. 5, the Rules and Organization Committee introduced a new organization’s proposal.

This organization, named the Club Sports Governance Board, sought to govern intramural sports as well as have its own avenue for funding and budgeting. The Senators of the Committee had trouble seeing what this new organization wanted to accomplish.

Parliamentarian of the Committee, Joseph Johnson, claimed that the organization may have overcomplicated itself, stating that if it were to have its own form of funding, it would be taking away that role from the SGA itself.

Senator Kenzie Joyce mirrored this statement by saying that the organization seemed to be merely a “smaller group of the SGA.”

All the Senators agreed, however, that the organization was not harmful; it just needed more clarification. Senator Isabella McCall motioned for the conversation to be tabled until the organization clarified its intentions, and all Senators of the committee agreed.