Breaking: Mandatory Testing Reveals Outbreak in E&H COVID-19 Cases


Reginelle Anderson

The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, viewed on a molecular level; photo courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s image library.

Reginelle Anderson, Writer

On Tuesday, Oct. 20th, all students who access the Emory & Henry College campuses were required to take a COVID-19 test to better track an outbreak of the disease brought on by more students returning to campus for the second seven-week session.

This week, 616 COVID-19 tests were administered on the main campus and a total of 34 have returned positive, bringing the total number of active cases to 47. That number includes a variety of faculty, staff and students. 

To prevent these numbers from increasing, the college is making temporary changes. 

All students have been asked to remain on campus until Tuesday, Oct. 27, unless a personal emergency takes place. Connectively, the college will work more closely with the Virginia Department of Health to increase contact tracing to inform anyone who may have been around someone with a positive test result.

Effective immediately, all classes are to be conducted virtually and employees have been asked to work remotely, if they were not doing so before; the Van Dyke dining hall will be carry-out only; and all common areas will be closed and deep-cleaned. 

Although no plans were set in stone before Tuesday’s results began to return, a survey was released to students via email concerning their personal circumstances and preferences for the spring, 2021 semester. 

The college is asking that this survey be completed as soon as possible. 

To personally track E&H’s COVID-19 cases, watch the college’s COVID-19 Dashboard at COVID-19 Dashboard • E&H: Strong and Safe Together • Emory & Henry