Campus Organizations Combat COVID-19 Isolation with Mental Health Services

A graphic from Emory & Henry Colleges Powell Resource Center advertising information regarding campus mental health care; photo courtesy of

Austin Faris

A graphic from Emory & Henry College’s Powell Resource Center advertising information regarding campus mental health care; photo courtesy of

Guest Contributor: Austin Faris

In an effort to combat stresses of the two seven-week sessions, Emory & Henry College has increased mental health awareness among students, faculty and staff. 

The Powell Resource Center (PRC) provides mental health services and counseling. Todd Stanley, director of the PRC, feels that mental health awareness is crucial during this time. 

“We know how hard it can be right now for students while they are trying to obey the COVID-19 guidelines and deal with the stress of getting assignments in,” Stanley said. 

The PRC also provides mental health services to members of the E&H community who are in quarantine or isolation. 

Bringing awareness to mental health is important because our employees need to be able to recognize it and also to know when they or a loved one may need assistance,” Director of Human Resources Tracy Peery said. 

The goal of the Human Resources department, especially now, is to help everyone within the E&H community realize that they are not alone.

The PRC and the Human Resources department aren’t the only campus organizations striving to aid the community, though. Recently, the E&H Student Government Association passed a bill in similar efforts of increasing mental health care access. 

“The new bill seeks to provide students and faculty with more efficient connections and resources in terms of mental health care on campus,” student senator Jett McReynolds explained. 

Appointments with the PRC can be made with counsellors by calling 276-944-6144, or by visiting the PRC’s website at Scheduling • Powell Resource Center • Emory & Henry. If counseling is needed after hours, call 276-944-6222 and ask to speak to the counselor on call. 

If a mental health emergency or crisis emerges, however, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK is available 24/7, with calls in the area surrounding E&H being routed to the Bristol Crisis Center. 

All mental health services offered by the PRC are free and kept confidential.