Spring Formal and Midnight Movies: EAB Announces Spring Event Calendar


Emory and Henry College Activities Board

EAB has multiple events lined up for the students of E&H to participate in throughout the rest of the semester.

The Emory Activities Board is excited to present its roster of events this semester while aiming to provide exciting activities and increase overall student engagement for the spring.

EAB is a student-led organization that curates and hosts events for the student body to enjoy free of charge.

EAB will be bringing back the Martha Washington Formal by popular request. This event is a former Emory & Henry tradition EAB has revived from the past. The formal will be held at the Martha Washington Inn & Spa on March 19 at 8 p.m.

EAB also has several movie nights planned for the semester. The first event was a showing of the classic ‘90s film, “Clueless”, held in McGlothlin-Street Hall on Jan. 22. They plan to host further movie nights in March and April including the “Dr. Strange” midnight premiere on March 25 and an outdoor movie night on April 20 at 7 p.m.

Several of EAB’s movie nights planned for this semester were postponed due to COVID-19 concerns; however, there is still a full schedule of events planned for the rest of spring.

Most recently, EAB hosted a laser tag tournament on campus. In the upcoming months, EAB will be offering bubble soccer, a Quidditch tournament for “Harry Potter” fans, a karaoke night and more.

A general board of members, who are also E&H students, plan these events.

Ryan Vaughan, the head of EAB’s public relations, provides insight on the methodology of event planning within the organization.

“As far as methods, we always think through what a student would want to do,” he said. “We’re constantly looking for new ways to increase engagement: having a social media presence, polling students for new event ideas, asking students personally.”

Other events and information can be found on EAB’s instagram page @emoryactivities.