Greek Groups Celebrate Return of In-Person Activities and Adjust to Newest Safety Measures

Sisters of Delta Omicron Pi huddle and chant during the make up Running of the Bulls event.

Sisters of Delta Omicron Pi huddle and chant during the make up Running of the Bulls event.


Guest Contributor, Hannah Medley

Greek Life is once again an in-person activity in the fall 2021 semester, and the brothers and sisters of E&H’s many local organizations are excited to be back.

The college recently hosted a make-up Running of the Bulls, where potential new sorority members run to their chosen group, for the multiple classes of girls who rushed during the pandemic and missed this experience. The college plans to continue with in-person Greek events this fall.

Bailey King, a sister of Delta Omicron Pi, said, “I rushed virtually but some in-person activities were allowed, with strict COVID-19 protocol followed. But fortunately this past week, I was able to participate in the running of the bulls on campus.”

King says she prefers the on-campus Greek life experience to the digital one.

“Greek life is better on campus because the in-person activities help all groups grow closer with those within their group. On-campus Greek life has been a new but very fun experience. I have really enjoyed getting to interact with my sisters in a way that I have not been able to do up until now.”

“Seeing people together and united makes it all worthwhile,” says Nathanial Hupp, student and proud brother of Beta Lamda Zeta, about finally being able to participate in Greek Life on-campus.

“When in quarantine and participating in greek life remotely, we were only able to have movie nights, game nights and just hang out and talk on Zoom whereas now, we can gather and get to know each other in person,” Hupp said, commenting on the difference between in-person and remote Greek Life.

Director of Student Activities Calvin Joyner says that, despite the joys of students like King and Hupp, Greek life isn’t relaxing all of its COVID-19 policies.

“Many Greek organizations are ready to fully transition back to not wearing masks and being in close proximity; however, we are far from doing that. Groups have been reluctant to adhere, but they are slowly adjusting,” Joyner said.

Joyner applauds Greek life leaders and their progress in this transition, saying, “Like most situations, the transition from in-person to online/digital has been cumbersome. However, the resiliency of our Greek leaders have proven to be exceptional.”