Students to Compete in Graphic Design Contest for New Campus Duck Pond Sign


Taylor Simmons

The campus duck pond will soon feature a new duck food feeder and student-designed signage promoting proper feeding of the ducks.

Guest Contributor, Quatez Walker

A graphic design contest is underway to provide a new informational sign at the campus duck pond, and E&H students are the contestants.

This contest is in follow up of a bill that Senator Sandra Coffee proposed in a Student Government Association (SGA) meeting that would allow for a coin-operated duck feeder to be implemented at the duck pond. The main goal behind this feeder would be to deter members of the campus community from feeding the ducks items that are harmful to them, including most human food.

“This is the place where many students come to study, decompress, and enjoy being outside with their friends,” Senator Coffee said of the duck pond. “It is only natural that the students should be the ones with the opportunity to create something beautiful and helpful for the ducks.”

Entries for the design contest must contain the following statements: “Please keep our ducks safe,” “Food not okay for ducks: bread, crackers, and other human foods,” and “Food okay for ducks: food provided in duck feeders, birdseed, oats, corn, and peas.”

Entries must also include the college’s colors, blue and gold, and at least one photo of the campus ducks. Example photos are provided on the Google Form for the contest submissions.

To have a design considered, the designer must be a currently enrolled or admitted student of the college and the design must be submitted before the end of the contest on Apr. 21.

The winner will have their work featured at the duck pond and will also receive a $25 gift certificate to the Merc.