First Year Student Jenny DiTanna Adapts to Learning Art Virtually

Guest Contributor, Madeline Hummel

Jenny DiTanna, a first year special education major and art minor at Emory & Henry College, is experiencing the ups and downs of participating in art courses remotely.

Ditanna has seen an exponential amount of change being remote in art. She said, “Personally I dislike participating in art remotely. I get so many ideas by being around other artists. I also can’t get direct feedback from my professor or peers, so yeah it has been a challenge for me.”

Having art class remotely has caused students such as DiTanna to adapt and try to change the way they learn.

“It isn’t easy, but I welcome the opportunity to face these challenges head on so that I can become an even more developed art student”, DiTanna said.

In addition to her course work, DiTanna discussed one of her personal projects saying, “I’m currently focused on doing a series of drawings depicting mental health. It’s not for a class nor is it for an assignment, it’s just a topic I’m interested in.” She was inspired in part by the effects COVID-19 has had on college students’ mental health journeys.

“I don’t believe I have adapted as well into doing art on zoom. I feel a lot more pressured and I feel as if the quality of my work has decreased,” DiTanna continued.
Even though this year has been unusual, DiTanna embraces the difficulties that come with being a remote art student. “I’ve definitely felt overwhelmed, but a challenge is a challenge. Even though I lose some of my passion, the lack of it drives me to push myself and always want to achieve more,” she said.

DiTanna hopes to adapt and develop as her college career continues, and she is excited for what is coming next.

“I’m really excited to see what is in store for me and my art. Throughout these downs I’m more so looking forward to seeing my art style change and develop because of these circumstances,” she said.