E&H Works to Foster Diversity and Inclusion With New PEACE House


Taylor Simmons

Emory & Henry’s DEI office created the PEACE House, located in Cambridge House, in hopes of giving students of all cultural backgrounds a safe place to experience college life.

Emory’s PEACE House establishes a safe residence space for traditionally underrepresented communities on campus. Students from all walks of life live in this house, located in Cambridge House, forming a cultural epicenter in the center of the Village townhouses.

PEACE House was founded by Vice Presient of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, John Holloway, as a house where students can express themselves without fear of discrimination. From members of the LGBTQ+ community to individuals within racial minorities, all nature of individuals are found within its walls.

The house provides more than asylum for its inhabitants on campus, as the residents there actively work to encourage DEI on campus. This includes educating and bringing awareness to problems within the community.

As Emory is located in a largely homogenous area, some E&H students were worried about experiencing feelings of alienation during their tenure on campus. Residence within PEACE House is available to all students who express concerns pertaining to DEI affairs.

Freshman expressed worries regarding the shift in diversity moving from Danville, VA to Emory. Johnson was offered the opportunity to reside in PEACE House after discussing her hesitations with VP Holloway. The House eased her transition to Emory and college life tremendously.

“It has made my freshman experience much more positive.” Johnson said. “I have a really nice dorm, an amazing roommate and suitemates, and all the wonderful people in the PEACE House.”

The house also provides opportunities for the students to build valuable relationships.

“I’ve made some of my best friends in the House.” Johnson continued. “The PEACE House creates a beautiful and loving community, and you are instantly included in everything. It’s difficult not to befriend everybody within the house.”

Along with supporting one another, House members also receive support from VP Holloway.

“He genuinely cares about each and everyone of us living there. He takes time out of his night to check on us every week, he arranges activities for us, and he will even bring us food,” Johnson said.

The PEACE House fosters community within the student body, with its goal being to ensure everyone feels seen and secure at Emory and Henry. Anyone interested in PEACE House can reach out to VP Holloway for more information.