International Education Department Hosts Lyceum on Study Abroad Opportunities


Leah McCloy

The study abroad lyceum was available to students online through Zoom to share information on study abroad opportunities E&H students have.

Guest Contributor, Henry Quesenberry

“Engage the World, Explore Other Cultures & Enhance Your Future: What You Can Do with E&H Abroad Programs” was a virtual lyceum presented on Tuesday, Apr. 9, that promoted faculty-led study abroad programs.

Several E&H professors including Celeste Gaia, George Argyros, Charles Goolsby, and Jack Wells presented their respective international trips.

“In a larger way, the purpose of the lyceum was to educate students about the international education opportunities they have,” Gaia said.

Goolsby spoke about his trips to Italy. He talked about seeing art throughout the country, visiting the colosseum of Rome, and being with students as they try gelato for the first time.

Argyros presented on his trips to Panama. He discussed the exciting opportunities that students had such as studying the various wildlife of Panama’s jungles, not only on the ground, but by climbing trees and studying the different levels of the jungle.

Gaia closed the night by talking about her trips to Poland and the Czech Republic. She spoke about visiting various concentration camps throughout the two countries that gave an insight to the psychological causes that started the Holocaust.

Molly McMichael, a first-year student at the event, said, “I thought it seemed really cool! I had wanted to study abroad already and seeing everything that happens on the trips confirmed that.”

Students can contact Dr. Gaia, who is the Director of International Education, or email the International Education department for more information.