Campus Resources Relocate to Better Serve E&H Community


Brittan Justice

Damer House, the new home of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as the Inclusion and Dialogue Center.

Campus Resources Relocate to Better Serve E&H Community

Several campus resources at Emory & Henry College, including the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Campus Police, and Human Resources, have relocated to better assist staff and students.

Some concerns leading to relocation were physical spaces for student work meetings, coalition buildings, easier access finding these resources, more accessibility for community members in terms of wheelchair access, and the privacy necessary to handle sensitive situations on campus.

In short, The Office of DEI has moved to Damer House across from the Village, the Campus Police resides across the railroad tracks next to the Merc, and Human Resources have relocated to Scarbrough House, the former location of the Inclusion and Dialogue (ID) Center next to the McGlothlin Center for the Arts.

Damer House will provide the Office of DEI three rooms that will be dedicated to student planning, as well as a large conference room for student work. Before moving to Damer House, the Office of DEI found its former location too small for the student programming that the Office had planned; this problem also presented a challenge in hosting events.

“We are excited about our ability to host programming both inside and outside for student events,” John Holloway, Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, said.

Damer House is now the permanent space for the Office of DEI and will continue to be under construction throughout the year.

“Students who are served by our office will indeed be impressed with our new space. Our vision is that this will become a home away from home for many of our students. Damer house has lots of possibilities,” VP Holloway said.

Back across the tracks, the ROTC and wrestling programs expanded into the Martin Brock Student Center, pusing Campus Police to relocate.

Last spring and summer were devoted to renovating the Campus Police’s new space.

“Several of us painted the entire interior, put new flooring down, added some new lighting, and redid the upstairs bathroom,” Scott Poore, Chief of Campus Police, said.

Some functional updates to the new location include the Campus Police’s locksmith shop and a shower and extra bedroom in case campus officers are ever required to reside on campus for an extended period of time.

“We are entirely satisfied with the new location. This is, as far as we know, our permanent location and we are proud of it,” Chief Poore said.

Campus officers are on duty 24/7. If an officer is not present in the office, community members can reach the officer on duty at 276-944-6222.

The department of Human Resources’s move was done to better accommodate and serve community members with access limitations and difficulties.

Scarbrough House provided Human Resources larger office areas and a conference room, where staff can safely work while socially distanced.

“This office relocation is already benefiting our guests who enjoy a centralized location on campus with easy access that also provides confidentiality to their visit,” Tracy Peery, Director of Human Resources, said.

Scarbrough House was in good condition with no restoration or construction needed, having been the home of the ID Center for a few years, allowing Human Resources a quick transition.

“These changes are great to see and reflect the investments we are making in Emory & Henry College to better serve our community and live up to our motto, ‘Macte Virtute’,” Perry added.