E&H SGA Organizes for the Spring Semester



Courtesy of the E&H SGA’s Facebook page

Guest Contributor, Connor DeWall
The Emory & Henry College Student Government Association (SGA) is readying itself for an active spring semester.
“The SGA is on my mind ninety percent of the time nowadays due to how different this year has been for all community members,” SGA president, David Eldridge, said.
The weekly meeting schedule for the student senate committee will continue to allow more time for members to focus on responsibilities outside the SGA. The first senate committee meeting will be Jan. 20 at 6:30 p.m., while the first regular SGA meeting will be held on Jan. 27.
Monthly meetings with the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, will continue to discuss issues, such as constitutional reform and food availability on campus.
“The constitution is an antique document in need of some structural reform to clearly portray its purpose,” Eldridge said. He explained that this reform is necessary to swiftly comprehend the proper response for any situation on campus.
Moreover, Eldridge understands that students have busy schedules and that getting a meal can be difficult with Macado’s closed, and brief dining service meal times. Discussions over efficient meal times are to take place to allow students maximum flexibility.
In terms of this semester’s membership, two senators graduated last fall, enacting a mid-year election to fill their vacancies in the chamber. As of Jan. 21, E&H student Jason Beckner has been declared the representative of the fourth year and above district, after the position was uncontested; the final position in the commuter district, however, remains contested.
Polls will be open for that position until Jan. 24 at noon. Commuter students may vote by accessing the link in their email, sent by E&H elections commissioner Joseph Johnson.
SGA meetings at E&H are open to the public, now being held over Zoom. To attend a meeting, members of the college community must email [email protected].
“Participation is vital,” Eldridge explained, “so that we work together as a family and community in these trying times, to ensure a successful future for this institution and its members.”