Unseen: E&H Theatre’s Halloween Performance


Haleigh Tilley

The cast and crew of Unseen preparing for their virtual showcase on Halloween.

Guest Contributor: Kai Arrington

On Oct. 31, 2020 the Emory & Henry College theatre department will be releasing their show titled “Unseen” on their Youtube channel around 8 p.m. This is an original work by Silas House, and was written specifically for the theatre department.

The rehearsal process was under the direction of Dr. Kelly Bremner and assistant director, who also doubles as the Assistant Stage Manager, Avery Smith. The cast only rehearsed for a week and a half before starting to film the show.

This will be the first performance of this show. Mary-Catherine Jones, a member of the cast, said, “It’s got a very cool spooky vibe!”

Jones will be playing a character named Ashley, who is 16 years old, alongside student Haleigh Tilley, who plays Ashley’s mother, and A.J. Burns who plays a character named Janelle.

All guidelines for performing, as listed from the CDC, were followed. Each member wore a mask during breaks and Burns’ character wears a mask through the entirety of the show.

“Honestly, the theatre department is probably the safest place to be on campus other than a dorm room,” stated Jones. “I really loved working on this show!”