High School Musical 2 & 3: Lessons Learned

A photo from High School Musical 2 at the end of the movie, marking the end of summer.

High School Musical 2 and 3: Lessons Learned
“High School Musical” set us up to enter high school with a set of false expectations, furthermore “High School Musical 2 and 3” mislead us as well. Although these movies did not give us correct views on life, they did have some powerful underlying messages.
“High School Musical 2” led us along with Troy, Gabriella, and the Wildcats in their final summer vacation before they make their way to college. The teens work alongside each other serving at a fancy country club, but having the ultimate summer at the same time. The characters went through ups and downs of character development, causing them to have a closer look at who they were becoming.
During and after our high school years we too undergo character development to be better people along the way. From this movie, they want you to learn how to cherish your childhood and don’t let the stress of your future get in the way of having fun.
In the last movie of this trilogy, “High School Musical 3,” the Wildcats spend their last year in school reminiscing about the good times that they had while determining what they are going to do in the future.
Unlike the sequel, this movie has a fine line between the present and the future, making the characters realize that the future is on the verge of becoming their present. It is their final year with all of their friends. Now, they are going off into the real world, going to college and finding jobs. The lesson from this movie is to not be afraid to leave the past behind because the good memories will always be there.
Each movie teaches us not to forget our past, don’t stress about the future, but most importantly to live in the present. Despite each movie giving us dramatic expectations about life, they did teach us an appropriate lifestyle to live.