New Renovations and Security Added to Village Area of Campus

Matthew Krauss, News Writer • Caroline Mosteller The Emory & Henry administration is making plans to restore aging facilities and to help the newly opened Village Townhouse to improve its security. Currently, building efforts are focused primarily on the Village. Because there are now 300 students living in the Village, many additional new safety initiatives… Read More New Renovations and Security Added to Village Area of Campus

Students Anticipate Completed Carriger Renovations

Hailey Ellis, Arts & Life Editor • Photo by Taylor Simmons Lately there have been many changes on our campus. A few of these many changes here at Emory & Henry College have included the renovations to Carriger Hall. The building was originally built between the years 1904 and 1908, and was then simply called… Read More Students Anticipate Completed Carriger Renovations

E&H Reacts: Fulton-Miller Renovations

Hailey Ellis, News Writer • Photo by Matthew Wingfield   Fulton-Miller Hall has been on Emory & Henry’s campus for many years. The History, Mass Communications, and Physics departments are all located there. The front portion of the academic building, Fulton, which was named after one of the school’s founders, Creed Fulton,  has been standing… Read More E&H Reacts: Fulton-Miller Renovations