George Ezra: “Staying at Tamara’s”

Ellen Hicks, Head Photographer • On March 23, 2018, George Ezra released his second album called “Staying at Tamara’s.” The album consists of eleven songs, ranging from upbeat bops to soulful tracks. “Staying at Tamara’s” was produced by Cam Blackwood and Joel Pott under the Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited label. In preparation for… Read More George Ezra: “Staying at Tamara’s”

Music Lessons Improve Enunciation in “At-Risk” Children

Ashley Bostian, Guest Contributer • Within the past decade, a surprising amount of research has come out relating the correlation of music training to brain development. A recent study wanted to prove that two years of participation in music lessons would dramatically improve the neurophysiological distinction of speech sounds, a phonetically distinct unit of… Read More Music Lessons Improve Enunciation in “At-Risk” Children

E&H Student Sings Harmony with Dolly Parton

Allison Hamilton, Guest Contributor • An Emory & Henry student and an alumni will be singing in harmony with Dolly Parton for the 90th Anniversary of the Bristol Sessions in the new album “1927 Jubilee.” The original 1927 Bristol Sessions were recording sessions held in Bristol, Tennessee that established Bristol as “The Birthplace of… Read More E&H Student Sings Harmony with Dolly Parton

Symphony of the Mountains Returns to Emory & Henry

Robins McIntosh, News Writer • On Friday, January 26, the orchestral group Symphony of the Mountains played at the McGlothlin Center for the Arts (MCA). The event was open to students and the community alike, and featured unique arrangements of three different symphonies. The non-traditional orchestra was comprised largely of string instruments such as violins,… Read More Symphony of the Mountains Returns to Emory & Henry


Born Aubrey Drake Graham in Toronto, Canada, actor/rapper Drake got his push to fame when he acted on the popular MTV Series Degrassi: The Next Generation in the early 2000’s. In 2007, Drake would depart from the show and would release his debut mixtape, Room For Improvement, shortly after his departure from the show. Before… Read More Drake