E&H Affinity Groups Provide Scholarships and Community

Matthew Krauss, News Writer • mfkrauss17@ehc.edu The E&H marching band is one of the many affinity groups on campus. Affinity groups can help students find friendship and support during their college years.   For new students, adjusting to the college environment can be difficult. Affinity groups attempt to help students integrate by providing communities of people… Read More E&H Affinity Groups Provide Scholarships and Community

Mass Comm Dept. Launches MAHSMA

Jessica Branks, News Writer • jsbranks16@ehc.edu Courtesy of pixabay.com   On February 24, 2018, the Emory & Henry Mass Communications department will be hosting a competition for the Middle Appalachian High School Media Association (MAHSMA). MAHSMA is a newly-formed association of 449 high schools within a 200-mile radius of E&H that are engaging with mass media through radio,… Read More Mass Comm Dept. Launches MAHSMA