Letter from the Editor

Orion Rummler, Editor-in-Chief • irummler14@ehc.edu As the Whitetopper enters another semester, a fresh round of editors, writers, photographers and columnists have taken on the job of covering local and on-campus news. It’s a time-consuming job, and often a thankless one–but a weekly, student-run print publication like ours is something to be proud of. Especially when the… Read More Letter from the Editor

Cinema of the Week: Musicals and Movies – In the Heights

Kristen Hines, Columnist • khines14@ehc.edu Pixabay.com   Many people can categorize Musicals into two sections; the big famous ones that everyone knows, and the equally good but not as successful ones that have almost faded into obscurity. And our Musical of the Week just happens to fall into the latter category. The RoundHouse Theater in Olney,… Read More Cinema of the Week: Musicals and Movies – In the Heights

Soul Food

Melody Lipford, Columnist • mrlipford15@ehc.edu   This summer I was given an opportunity of a lifetime to travel to the beautiful mountain town of Copey, Costa Rica. Here, I volunteered as an ESL teacher for a month at a nonprofit organization called “Copey Learning Center. Primarily, I taught first and second grade and as time progressed,… Read More Soul Food