Athletes Return to Campus: Cheer and Dance Teams Not Included

The E&H Cheer and Dance team started a petition on and have gotten 440 signatures so far.

EMORY, Va – The Emory & Henry College Cheer and Dance teams started a petition on after being told they will not be allowed to return with all other sports teams, a week before they were supposed to move back on campus.
The Cheer and Dance teams have lost three months of practice and now they aren’t going to be together until January. The team will have a limited amount of time to practice for games, “Not only is this a very busy schedule but in terms of stunting, it is unsafe,” according to the petition on
“The way cheerleaders and dance team members are being treated at Emory & Henry College in regards to moving back on campus is absolutely ridiculous,” Emory & Henry College cheerleader Morgan Melton said, “My heart hurts and is so heavy for many of my teammates.”
The petition, made on Sept. 23, needs 500 signatures and has close to 440 right now to bring the Cheer and Dance teams back in October for practice, according to

“Due to COVID 19 taking so many things away from the athletes of Emory & Henry College, we feel as if us being back on campus cheering on our beloved Wasps would only boost the spirits which are definitely needed during this time.”, read the petition website.
They will be on the sidelines for volleyball, basketball and football in the spring.They are currently 20 Cheer and Dance team members on campus and this petition is to bring back the rest of the team members for practice, “These girls need our support and our help. Please sign in support of our fellow Wasps,” Emory & Henry College student Dillion Rines said.
Emory & Henry College is only bringing back the NCAA teams but brought back the marching band that is not part of the NCAA.

“Everyone wants to feel included and that is what Emory & Henry College is all about,” Hupp says, “The school is about inclusion and making sure everyone has an equal opportunity.”

The Cheer and Dance team at Emory & Henry College started a petition on to bring back the rest of their teammates. They were told less than a week before the day they were supposed to move on campus, with all other sports teams, that they will not be allowed back. After this revised decision the Cheer and Dance teams are forced to set aside their practice until the remainder of the student body to return to campus in the spring.

If you’d like to sign the petition to bring back the remainder of the team, click the link below: