Dr. Emmett Tracy: Founding Dean of Emory & Henry’s School of Business


Dr. Emmett Tracy, the Founding Dean of E&H’s new School of Business. Photo courtesy of www.ehc.edu.

Asha Thomas, Writer

Although Dr. Emmett Tracy was born in Manhattan, he also lived in Morocco, Ireland, Italy, France, Rwanda, and Mauritius. Now, he has settled down in Emory, Virginia, after being appointed the founding dean of Emory & Henry College’s new School of Business.

Tracy has a broad educational background from institutions both in the United States and abroad. He has held many distinguished positions including dean of graduate programs at Hult International Business School, and dean of the African Leadership University Business School.

With his past experience and education, Tracy feels prepared to build the bridge between business and the liberal arts at E&H.

“We need to create something that puts business on the demanding, intellectual level that we engage with liberal arts,” Tracy said.

Tracy chose to come to Emory & Henry for three reasons: the area, the people, and the liberal arts. The college’s location in Southwest Virginia perfectly suits his hobbies; when he’s not working, Tracy enjoys fly-fishing and hiking with his family. He also appreciates E&H’s commitment to civic engagement within the surrounding community.  

Tracy values the E&H faculty because they create an intimate, student-centered environment. Lastly, he is passionate about the liberal arts due to his educational background and the importance of the critical thinking and problem-solving curriculum related to business.

Tracy’s goal as founding dean is to “leverage the school’s history and unique position in the region to be a leader in problem-solving education that has broader purpose.”

Dr. Michael Puglisi, provost of E&H, believes that Tracy will be an asset to the college through his experience and outlook.

“Tracy has a perspective that will facilitate growth in the business curriculum and establish E&H as a valuable resource for education and economic development in the region,” Puglisi says. Puglisi expressed confidence in Tracy’s ability as the founding dean, saying he, “has the vision to see into the future and articulate what is possible for the School of Business.” 

Tracy is passionate about creativity, entrepreneurship and student initiatives. He believes that E&H renders innovative students, and he aims to instill confidence in his students to pursue their goals and make a difference in the world.

Student success is one of the most important aspects of the job to Tracy, and students will be seeing him around campus as he will begin teaching classes in the 2021 spring semester in addition to his role in expanding the business department at E&H.