George Ezra: “Staying at Tamara’s”

Ellen Hicks, Head Photographer •

On March 23, 2018, George Ezra released his second album called “Staying at Tamara’s.” The album consists of eleven songs, ranging from upbeat bops to soulful tracks. “Staying at Tamara’s” was produced by Cam Blackwood and Joel Pott under the Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited label.
In preparation for the album’s debut, Ezra released 5 singles and acoustic versions of two of the singles. Each of these songs appeared on “Staying at Tamara’s.” The first released single, “Don’t Matter Now” is the second song on the album. Released back in mid-June of 2017, “Don’t Matter Now” came as an early sneak peek into his newest album. This catchy song is about not worrying about the little things in life that build up as time goes on. According to Ezra’s Spotify page, “Don’t Matter Now” is the most popular song from this album, and it is his fourth most popular song after his more commonly known hits “Budapest,” “Barcelona,” and “Blame It on Me” from his first album.
Next came “Paradise” which was released on January 19, 2018. This is one of two songs Ezra wrote by himself, as opposed the other songs on “Staying at Tamara’s” which were written by Ezra and Joel Pott. This song is fifth on the album. Arguably the most upbeat song of the entire album, “Paradise” is about what it is like to be in love. The combination of the catchy beat of the percussion and guitar and the repeat-after-me verses Ezra uses makes this song memorable to listeners. While “Don’t Matter Now” is the most popular streamed song from Ezra’s Spotify, iTunes places “Paradise” as the most popular/purchased song off of Staying at Tamara’s.
“Staying at Tamara’s “maintains a happy theme fairly consistently throughout the album. The first eight songs are hopeful, happy, or love-related songs. This upbeat sequence of songs is interrupted by “Saviour” and “Only A Human;” however, this interruption is not unwelcome. These two songs have more serious tones. “Saviour” is the only song on the album that features another artist, First Aid Kit.
“Only A Human” serves as a reminder to not “blame yourself” for mistakes, as “you’re just human.” This song is much slower than the first nine, but its message may be the most important of “Staying at Tamara’s.” Ezra supports this important message with fewer instruments and a slower pace so each word can be heard and taken to heart. The album closes with “The Beautiful Dream,” another slow track that round out the album well.
“Staying at Tamara’s” produced several good songs; however, many of the songs seem repetitive. The album placed songs with similar sounds and themes together in a way that lacks variety. For example, the four love songs are placed one after the other, followed by the two serious songs. The lack of variety may possibly be solved by listening to the songs shuffled rather than in order. While “Staying at Tamara’s” has its faults, as many albums do, this album will not fail to provide entertainment.


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