Emory & Henry Students Welcome Bass Fishing Team

Jordan Whitcomb, Guest Contributor • jwhitcomb14@ehc.edu

Due to voiced student interest, Emory & Henry College is in the process of creating its first ever club bass fishing team.

Director of Campus Recreation Peter Stevenson is in charge of the development of the club’s bass fishing program. Stevenson’s duties related to the club include finding all of the resources that the team needs, finding competitions for the team to compete in, creating necessary budgets, figuring out transportation and getting more students involved.

Stevenson said, “Students who are on the bass fishing team are in addition a part of the Fishing League Worldwide Organization.”

The Fishing League Worldwide Organization, or FLW Fishing, is the world’s largest fishing tournament organization.

It gives people the opportunity to compete on a larger scale.

As of now, Emory & Henry’s bass fishing team is made up of 17 students, both male and female.

Stevenson said he encourages more females to join the team.

The biggest issue facing the club right now, Stevenson said, is that “we actually don’t have a boat yet, we need a boat.”

In terms of the club’s goals, Stevenson said, “The club’s goal is to get out and do some fishing on the lakes here in Virginia and draw up a lot more interest.”

Confident that they will find a boat to use in time, the team plans on competing in the Yeti College Fishing Tournament on April 21 at Smith Mountain Lake.

This will be the college’s first ever collegiate fishing tournament.

Not every student will be able to compete in the tournament due to limited boat access.

Stevenson said, “We have 17 people on the team, but we can only take two people per boat, so we’re going to have a fish off to decide who competes at Smith Mountain Lake.”

Stevenson said, “This Saturday, we our hosting our first ever Emory & Henry fish-off in order to determine who gets to compete in April.”

During the fish-off, team members will fish for a length of two hours.

The individuals who catch the most fish in that time frame will receive the opportunity to compete in the Yeti College Fishing Tournament.

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