Women in Fitness

Jordan Whitcomb, Guest Contributor • jwhitcomb14@ehc.edu

With summer approaching, working on new year’s resolutions, the importance of women security through self-defense skills in today’s society, and female body image insecurities, women’s interest in fitness is trending.

Dr. Rebecca Buchanan, human health and performance professor at Emory & Henry College said, “I teach women’s self-defense to empower females with awareness, skills, knowledge, and confidence regarding sexual harassment and sexual assault.”

It is not out of the ordinary for females to turn to fitness as a result of confidence or self-esteem issues with their body image. According to the American Psychological Association, female’s dissatisfaction in their body image is stable across all age ranges.

The study that was carefully conducted by the APA, gave participants a questionnaire to determine how satisfied or dissatisfied each individual was with their body image. The results showed that all 322 women who participated in the study were less than fifty percent satisfied with their physical appearance.

By being and staying involved in physical activities and exercises to improve fitness, females open the door to creating a positive change and getting rid of negative confidence and self-esteem issues.

Having a summer body is something many females stress over approaching the season. Emory & Henry student, Christina Ameen said, “ Summer is coming up, so I am working on getting a summer body.”

In addition to improving confidence, fitness is beneficial to everyone because it has a variety of health benefits.

“Exercise increases the amount of BDNF produced in the brain which helps to improve cognition as well as alleviating depression and anxiety,” said Dr. Buchanan.

Females in college can improve school related performance by exercising. Dr. Buchanan said, “I feel that college females should be physically active due to the overall positive impact on health, well being and academic achievement.”

A contributing factor to success in fitness includes having access to professional knowledge when performing exercises or lifting.

Certified personal trainer, Kimberly Whitcomb said, “I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding how to exercise properly and follow a well written program.”

Strength and Conditioning professional intern Kennady Thomason said, “Unless you study it or are certified, it is difficult to know how to create a good program designed to best benefit the individual’s needs.”

When given a professional program to go by, sticking with it and understanding proper technique in all movement patterns, individuals have a higher chance of seeing positive results in their physical appearance in addition to being healthier overall.

Weightlifter Rachel Davis said, “I have seen amazing results by sticking to a program. I look and feel better than I ever have before.”


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