Participating In School Walkouts Will Not Affect Students’ E&H Admission

Christina Mitchell, Business Manager •

In the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, many high school students nationwide have walked out of their classes to protest the gun violence that runs rampant through our nation. These protests have led to suspension in many high schools, according to the New York Post and ABC News. These suspensions pose a question for college admission decisions: should these suspensions impact whether or not the students get into college?

For Emory & Henry College, the answer is no. According to an official statement from the college, “Like many colleges and universities around the country, Emory & Henry College applicants who engage in peaceful civic protests that might result in suspension from high school, will not jeopardize their admission submission to our college. We respect the right to voice your opinion peacefully and stand for your beliefs while impacting the common good of our country.”

Emory & Henry College has now joined the growing list of colleges across the nation who have stated that student suspension in relation to these protests will have no impact on the admission decision of the college.

These colleges include Boston University, MIT, Princeton and now many others, according to the Boston Globe and Planet Princeton.

Students across the nation are planning a “March For Our Lives” which is to take place on March 24. More information can be found at

Sophomore Corey Davis said, “I feel that is amazing. I am glad the colleges aren’t considering that because we have our freedom of speech and to petition. I feel that people have every right to stand against the horrors they see.”

According to WSLS, Radford Middle and High School students participated in a planned walkout Wednesday, March 14.

The focus of that walkout was uniquely apolitical, as students read a list of names of those killed during the Parkland shooting.

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