Catching Up With Teresa Keller, Post-Retirement

Missy Jones, Guest Contributor •

Even a year after her retirement, Teresa Keller’s name is still well known among the students and faculty at Emory & Henry. The former professor’s work in the Mass Communications department all but built it into the program it is today.

Some of Keller’s achievements while at Emory & Henry include her work as the former MCOM department chair, her time as an advisor for EHC TV, and her work which ensured that 90.7 WEHC grew to 9,000 watts.After all those accomplishments and years of hard work, in May of 2017, Keller decided to retire. In her speech at her farewell dinner, she said she “wanted to dance into the sunset.”

For the first six months of retirement, Keller described how “making a phone call, or paying a bill, was an accomplishment.” Her fast paced life had drastically slowed down and it was something that Keller was more than okay with.

In her six months of rest, Keller traveled around the United States, including states like Vermont and Georgia.

Although no one thought Keller would be able to slow down so quickly, Keller said her life went from “lightning speed to lazy” but that she adapted quickly.

This calm style did not last very long for Keller. She began working as communications director for Anthony Flaccavento, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for Virginia’s 9th congressional district.

Keller works with traditional media such as TV, newspaper, and radio. She said she is “pretty comfortable in that world.”

Keller knew Flaccavento from a previous project. Flaccavento started the Appalachian Sustainable Development program where she worked on the board. The Appalachian Sustainable Development helped start many of the farmer’s markets in the area.

Thanks to Flaccavento’s commitment to local economy and other policy stances, Keller said she was “passionate about this.”

Keller’s passions don’t stop with politics, however. Another project she has been working on is the fourth edition of her book Television News.

She was approached in December by Routledge Publishing, which was the company that bought out her previous publisher to revive her book which she said she was “ready to let die.”

Her biggest challenge with the new edition she said was the first chapter. Chapter One in her book tries to answer the question: “what is news?”

Keller went on to say that this question has so many other aspects than it did when she originally wrote the book. She had to add what fake news is, among other modern issues.

Keller encouraged everyone to “please vote” no matter their party affiliation.

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