Boardwine: From Football to Cheer

Tyree Ward, Guest Writer •

“I never thought I would be involved in competition cheer.” said Derrick Boardwine a senior here at Emory & Henry College. Boardwine decided to make the transition to Competition Cheer after having to hang up the football cleats due to a lingering back injury that prevented him from any contact. “I always said I would do Competition Cheer if I went to a bigger college, yet here I am today and couldn’t be any happier.”

Boardwine graduated from Chilhowie High School in Chilhowie VA. As a senior he knew he wanted to work for the FBI, as a result he didn’t think about playing college football until Curt Newsome head football coach started recruiting him and offered him a chance to come play college football. “It wasn’t my first choice, yet I decided to give it a chance.”

During a regular season game in the fall of 2014 Boardwine suffered his back injury. “I went to physical therapy and to the chiropractor for a while and they wanted me to take cortisone shots for the pain.” Boardwine didn’t want to take the shots, for he felt he was to young at the time, so as a result he gave the game of football up.

While focusing on his fitness a lot more, he spent many hours in the King Center weight room working out with former Strength & Conditioning coach, Josh Bullock. “The summer before bullock left, I would lift with him a lot.” New cheer coach Kandee Wallace started to join the lift sessions as well. “She would tell me all the time that I should come to open gym, yet at first I never went.”

“After a while of her asking me, she finally convinced me to come, and I fell in love with is instantly.” Boardwine has helped the competition team place 1st overall and 4th overall in their previous cheer competitions. Only getting a chance to compete for once year, Boardwine said “If I could go back, I would 100% sure start earlier.”

“More retired football players should look into Cheer Competition, it’s a way to use everything you learned with football in a new setting.”

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