A Long Dangerous Road: Part 9

Matthew Brosche, Columnist • mbrosche14@ehc.edu

Once again the group found themselves speeding down the road, minus one member. The atmosphere felt more aggressive than ever as in the short time after she abandoned her partner, the once polite and civil Mariah had become hateful towards her captive.

Without much regard for drawing suspicion, or her own safety, Mariah attempted to push the gas pedal through the floor of the rusted caravan. As the road deviated in a severely sharp turn, Mariah didn’t even consider slowing down. The shift had the effect of throwing the Nick out of his seat with the zip ties around his wrist breaking apart from the tension.

Nick was on the floor again, staring up at the light fixtures, only this time he was free of his restraints and able to attempt an escape. As Nick massaged his faded red wrist, he wondered how he should make his escape. The freed man considered jumping out of the vehicle, but quickly decided against that, since at the speed they were going the fall would kill him. He thought of fighting Mariah over the wheel in an attempt to take control. A fight for the RV sounded like the only option Nick had to escape, but before he even got to his feet, he knew he wouldn’t be able to do it.

As scared as Nick had been, he didn’t wish any ill will on Mariah or Frank. He actually felt sorry for them more than anything. They were just like anyone else, trying to get by in the world but they had made a mistake in the process. Nick thought about how if things were different he could have found himself in a similar situation. No matter how hard he tried, Nick knew he wouldn’t be able to convince Mariah to stop, in fact, he wouldn’t have been able to get her attention. There was one thing that would get her attention, so Nick picked up the painting and proceeded with his plan.

“Mariah, stop, or I’ll do it!” Nick said holding a pen, ready to pierce the canvas.

“What are you doing?” Mariah yelled throwing her head back and forth from the road to Nick.

“I’ll do it I swear.”

Before Mariah could say anything to stop Nick both of the occupants of the RV felt their bodies fly into the air. The caravan had careened off the road while Mariah was distracted and the vehicle began violently rolling into a ditch.

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