Soul Food

Melody Lipford, Columnist •

This week marks a new month and a stressful time for many students on campus: midterm week. Personally, it seems like the first half of the semester has flown by. With that in mind, it also seems like many things are piling up this week whether it be papers, projects, presentations, quizzes, and most importantly studying for midterms.

While getting all of these tasks accomplished are important, it is also necessary to not let yourself get too overwhelmed and stressed to get them done. In doing so, you might make completing the task more negative than it has to be. In addition, whether realized or not, approaching something with a negative attitude can make the task take even longer or possibly limit how much of your energy you put into it.

Of course, not everything you do is pleasurable, but showing up with a positive attitude as much as you can is a lot better than not trying at all. By doing so, you might realize how you might have underrated your abilities or your possibility to enjoy what you’re doing. Sometimes, showing up with a positive attitude can by the key that opens the door to you showing or figuring out your own potential.

For instance, you may have an important presentation to give this week or sometime in the near future. Most likely, it is not your favorite pastime, but changing your perspective can help your productivity to get it done and your attitude when it comes time to present. A good example of how important a positive attitude is would be for a presentation for Ampersand Day. While this seems like a mere presentation, it is an opportunity to showcase your potential and work to not only the entire campus, but to others who come to visit. It is a rare chance to have the whole campus and community members, not to mention alumni, as your audience.

Showcasing your research, class projects, study abroad experiences, and more allows Ampersand Day to become a unique tool to network with those in the audience and to put your work out there to impact members to do their own work in a similar topic or to try a similar study abroad experience. More importantly, you never know who is watching or what people are thinking. One opportunity can lead to another if only you are open-minded enough to receive it.

All in all, midterm week can be stressful, but the saying that attitude is everything is certainly true in most instances in life. While college is overwhelming at times, remind yourself of the reason for attending college and realize that all of your hard work will pay off for the goals and dreams you wish to achieve in the future. However, remember primarily, to take time for self-care so you can be at your best to achieve these goals.

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