Pet of the Week: Sasha

Hannah Long, News Editor •

Sasha is a queen and she knows it. Nothing but the most preferential treatmeant will suit milady Sasha. A mix between a calico and some unidentified but surely aristocratic white and blue-eyed parent, Sasha looks and feels great about herself. Only one small orange spot on the side of her nose betrays Sasha is not a purebred, with her long white hair, smoky face, and big blue eyes.

Coming up on ten years old, the generally slow cat can still move like a streak of lightning when she chooses.

She’s not the brightest. Whenever you call her name, she looks attentively at a spot a foot to the left or right of your face. She refuses to cover her own litter, letting her sister, calico cat Callie (a peasant, you understand), do it for her.

Life is hard being as beautiful as Sasha, and it takes a rigorous schedule of sleeping 23 hours a day, reclining on couches surveying her domain, and eating far more than is good for her to maintain the Sasha lifestyle.

It’s all worth it in the end, though, as Sasha is always ready to purr when showered with affection, and flops like a happy, fur-covered football into anyone’s arms that happens to pick her up.

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