Kappa Sig Voted Down By The SGA

Grayson Williams, Guest Contributor • twilliams14@ehc.edu

The Emory & Henry Student Government Association voted against passing the charter for Kappa Sigma interest group. The senate denied the nationally affiliated group’s charter in a 16-2 majority decision.

This is the second time Kappa Sigma has failed to pass.

“I was a little surprised that it went the way that it did,” said senior Kappa Sigma interest group member Caleb Simpson on the decision. “The fact that there was that much opposition, I think that kind of speaks to that we maybe didn’t do our part in explaining our side better.”

Several weeks ago the Student Government appointed an ad hoc committee to investigate the merits of Kappa Sigma. The committee held two public hearings where students and a panel of faculty members expressed their thoughts on the interest group.

Senator Jarod Bracero presented the ad hoc committee’s recommendation that the Senate should not approve Kappa Sigma.

“We represent our student body constituents and many students from many different backgrounds and aspects of the campus have voiced their concerns about allowing Kappa Sigma on the campus,” he said.

The committee also claimed that after Kappa Sigma was not passed last year they continued to operate off-campus by holding meetings, initiating new members, and communicating with their national affiliate with no school oversight.

Bracero said, “According to Dean Holloway and former Dean Cutshaw, this does not constitute grounds as an ‘underground’ Greek organization. We feel that it was in incredibly poor taste and reflects poorly on their respect for Student Government Organization, Greek Council, and the college as a whole.”

First-year senator Thomas Scott claimed in a dissenting opinion that the ad hoc committee’s findings were “not fair and not factual.” Scott argued that the senate should vote to recognize the group.

In a “letter of grievance,” a testimony was presented for and signed by “the gentlemen of Kappa Sigma Omicron interest group.” The group claims the letter is “to bring about awareness towards the blatant exclusion of an opportunity promised by Emory & Henry College.” The group also claimed “the close mindedness of local Greek life towards an organization that would better the school in various ways has hampered the institution.”

Greek Council stated in a letter of recommendation, addressed to the senators, that “the members of Greek Council do not favor the opinion of support towards these men.”

The letter lists several reasons for their recommendation including “the illegal recruitment of a freshman… and representing Emory & Henry when they have not been approved by the Senate to be a Greek organization.”

“I don’t think anything we are doing is inappropriate and if it was we wouldn’t do it,” said Caleb Simpson. This marks the second time the group has not been approved before the SGA but Simpson is hopeful for the group’s future. “We’ll just keep trying to work towards recognition, that’s always been our goal.”

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