Cinema of the Week: The Incredibles

Kristen Hines, Columnist •

In honor of the long awaited sequel that’s planning to hit the big screen in June, let’s take the time to remember the film that started it all. Airing in 2004, “The Incredibles” was as big a hit as its predecessors, but there was one thing that set it apart: the ending intentionally set up a sequel.

For fourteen years, audiences and fans have wondered and demanded that a sequel starring out beloved superhero family be made, and now, our wishes have finally been answered.

“The Incredibles” is one of those movies that parodies the superhero genre while creating memorable characters and lines at the same time. Seeing as the director, Brad Bird, was also the mastermind behind the cult classic, “The Iron Giant”, it’s not surprising that this movie stands out incredibly well (no pun intended) compared to other Disney/Pixar flicks.

Taking place in a world where superheroes and superpowers are actually quite common, but have been forced underground due to legal reasons, a family of superheroes must band together to save the world, thrust into the world that had been lost to them so many years ago.

The movie sports colorful animation, hilarious dialogue, and tons of family fun for the adults and plenty of superhero action for the kids. People have been quoting this movie ever since it came out, and kids came out of the theater high on the energy the film brought and making them wish they had super powers all over again.

So, with the sequel on its way, and a new generation of Disney fans to boot, give “The Incredibles” a watch to relive those old times. With all the positive reception for “ The Incredibles 2”, it’s safe to say that this movies legacy will live on indefinitely.

As described by the official Incredibles 2 Facebook page, the plot of the upcoming sequel revolves around “the mundane and incredible lives of a house full of superheroes.”

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