Carry The Love Organization Inspires Students To “Love Like Jesus”

Mattie Gillespie, Guest Contributor •

On February 18 and 19, the Carry The Love organization came to Emory & Henry with a mission to inspire the campus to love like Jesus.

This spring, a group of college students out of Southern California known as the Circuit Riders are traveling the nation to “spread the good news” and strive to reach our generation.

According to the Carry The Love campaign website, “Statistics show that 70% of Christian students leave their faith Freshman year, and for every 4 people who leave the Church, only 1 turns to it. Something has to change. It is going to take all of us to shift the culture and win our generation to Jesus. It is going to take our generation to win our generation. It starts with turning from a culture of division, inaction, and fear and turning to a culture of collaboration, action, and love. If we don’t change, our generation won’t.”

Junior Andrew Davis said, “Carry The Love was a two-day event where a group of people our age, who have a radiant love for Jesus, came to share the good news and just really teach us his word. While the Carry The Love organization was on campus they not only built other Christians up, but shared the love of Jesus for people who don’t necessarily know him.”

The Circuit Riders are carrying the love to nearly two hundred college campuses from the West coast to the East coast during Spring of 2018. The Carry The Love organization spends two days at each college, followed by communities uniting across each area for a regional gathering.

Sophomore Joy Edwards said, “The most memorable moment for me during this experience was seeing how excited everyone was when the Circuit Riders, the group who made the Carry the Love event, announced the invitation to baptism.”

On the second night of the event nineteen Emory & Henry College students gave their lives to Jesus and were baptised in the campus pool.

Davis said, “The most memorable moment of this experience was when one guy stood up and decided to give his life to Jesus and he was saved. Nineteen people were saved in the King Center pool that night. One of my favorite moments was that me and my brother were actually baptised together on the second night. It was truly incredible to see the work Jesus was doing on this campus in just a two-day period.”

Exactly a week later, on Monday February 26th, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization at E&H had one of the most highly attended bible studies to date.

Several students left the Carry The Love events feeling inspired and excited to spread the word of Jesus.

Davis said, “Seeing the passion they had for Jesus was so inspiring, and seeing their passion urged me to amplify my love for Jesus. After meeting this group of people and attending the Carry the Love event it encouraged me even more to spread the love of Jesus on campus.”

During this interactive experience students were asked what “Brave Love” means to them, gathered as one to praise Jesus and prayed for one another.

Davis said, “This experience made me want to carry the love to people and deeper my love for Jesus and reach out to people and pray for people and share the good news of Jesus. Once you hear his message, your life is changed. I just want to share the good news to my peers.”

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