Battle of the Sexes (Spoiler Warning)

Regan Booth, Columnist •

This movie is based on the true story of Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs competing in a tennis match as a male and female. Bobby Riggs has played the number one pro tennis player Margaret Court, who had initially beaten Billie Jean King for the title, and he had come out on top.

This obviously put the aging tennis pro in a place of publicity, and being an avid gambler (as shown in the movie) he was loving it and wanting more. Billie Jean knew that, and knew that for women and for herself she would need to play against Bobby. Not only was this all happening to Billie Jean, but she also was realizing that she liked women in a romantic way.

The movie goes through her journey of leaving the main tennis league due to their noncompliance for paying women athletes equally, and struggling with being who she is.
This movie made me cry at the end because of how powerful it is, with Billie Jean winning and viewers finding out that she ended up being the first woman athlete to win the Presidential Medal of Freedom. I highly recommend this movie to everyone, as it is extremely moving.

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