A Long and Dangerous Road: Part 8

Matthew Brosche, Columnist • mbrosche14@ehc.edu

“Why would you call the police?” Mariah yelled at Frank who held firm against her screaming.

“This whole robbery thing was a bad idea, we’re not criminals. Maybe if we let Nick go and give back the painting they will go easy on us,” Frank replied.

Mariah was growing more and more frustrated at what she perceived was Frank being naive.

“It doesn’t matter if we turn ourselves in now, we’re already criminals, and there’s no changing that,” Mariah said.

“I might not be able to change what I’ve done, but maybe I can try to make up for it.”
“It’s not that easy Frank! As soon as you turn yourself in, people won’t see you as a hard-working dad anymore, they’ll just see you as a criminal. Your kids will see you as a criminal.”

Frank was taken aback that Mariah would bring his kids into the argument and Mariah could see the shock and sadness her comment inflicted on her friend.

“Look, I’m sorry Frank. But we chose to go down this path, and we have to see it through.”

The reluctant criminal stood up to his partner. “The road we are going down is a long and dangerous one, and I intend to get off it before things get worse. I’ll be outside, just do me a favor and don’t put up a fight when they get here.” With that, the tall shaking man stormed out of the RV once again.

“If it means anything, I agree with Frank,” Nick said.

Mariah shot a fiery look over at her prisoner,“Shut up Nick.” He complied.

Mariah took stock of her surroundings, taking a good look at her stolen prize. No matter how much Frank and Nick tried to convince her otherwise, Mariah felt she couldn’t just give up. Giving in just wasn’t in her nature. Slowly, without alerting anyone, the criminal mastermind sat in the driver’s seat looking at the long road ahead through the windshield.

With a quick turn of the key, the RV sparked to life, and Mariah took off, putting as much distance between her and the gas station as she could. Frank was standing alone, bewildered and scared that he had neither the painting or the hostage to hand over to the police as a peace offering. Mariah took one final look back at her old partner before staring straight ahead.

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