Walker Walking to The End

Cameron Derr, Sports Writer • cbderr17@ehc.edu

Senior Noah Walker is stepping out on the court for his last season as a Wasp. Walker found his passion for basketball as a fifth grader being around his father, a local high school coach, “I would always go to practice and one day I was sitting at practice and during one segment he started to teach me to shoot, teach me to dribble, and it just carried on to the next day and the next day, until one day he told me ‘I’m not going to make you do something you don’t want to do, but if you enjoy this I want you to put your all into it.’ And from there he was my coach in high school, and he really influenced my love for the game.”

In every athletes career there will be times they are unable to escape injury, for Noah Walker his time came in high school after breaking his leg, “I’ve had to overcome a lot of injuries I broke my leg in highschool, multiple high ankle sprains, and when I went to college I had a lot of knee issues”. Throughout Walker’s career he has faced many physical hindrances, but he says “after I broke my leg I was pretty upset the majority of the time but I said to myself this is really going to ruin my opportunity to play a sport in college, but I tried not to think like that and I wanted to try and stay motivated, so i just grinded and tried to get better.”

The 6’4 Senior is ready for graduation as his time at Emory & Henry is coming to a close, “I have applied to multiple grad schools and I’m just hoping to get into one so I can continue my education.” One thing he’s taken away from his time with the basketball team and Coach Wilson is “the importance of punctuality, being on time especially since I’m about to graduate, if I don’t present myself as professional, then it is going to be hard for people to take me seriously.” And for the players of the future? Walker says “when things aren’t going your way, just stick to it work hard, and try to be the best you can be.”

Though the Men’s Basketball Team has dropped the last four after a successful start to the season, Walker is still confident in the team, “as a team we have goals that our coach has given us, and those are ‘work hard everyday, be excellent at everything we do, and win an ODAC championship’, so right now we’re working on finishing out the season strong, winning an ODAC championship, and getting to the National Tournament.”

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