The Open House (Spoiler Alert)

Regan Booth, Columnist •

Recently, Netflix has released several new original movies, including a scary one called “The Open House.” The main character is the actor that was also the main character in the series based on the book “Fifteen Reasons Why.” I watched this movie last weekend mainly because I was home and my Father really wanted to watch it, but as I am not exactly into scary movies like this (I prefer psychological thrillers) I did not have high expectations from the start.

As a fast recap, the main character wears glasses or contacts and his Dad is murdered in a gruesome, ugly way. The main boy’s aunt is selling this big house in the middle of the forest and asks for the boy and his mother to go watch after it while there is an open house for it so they can “get away.” Typical of scary movies, they’re going somewhere obviously creepy.

This rest of the movie is pretty much just suspense of peculiarly frightening stuff happening to the mother and teen. It is not until the very end of the movie when the mom gets captured by this man and all of her fingers are broken and the main man tries to rescue her after the killer has messed with him for a bit.

Naturally, the mother ends up dying and the main man ends up on the ground where the killer actually takes out his contacts and lets him get away. The ending is really unsatisfying because it just shows the main character outside dead and we never found out who the killer was, just that he wears combat boots and isn’t scared of touching other people’s eyeballs.

I hated this movie because I had to wait to see what would happen and got absolutely no closure, which I guess was the point, but regardless it was not a fun experience. Overall, I would not recommend this movie to anyone due to the fact that it gave all of this unnecessary suspense with no answers. It seems like the point of movies is to have a plot that actually gets fulfilled to some level, but that was not the case in this film (unfortunately).

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