Pet of the Week: Tom Petty

Jessica Branks, News Editor •

These days Tom Petty is doing a lot less singing and a lot more purring. The artist formerly known as Steve came home from the Christiansburg Animal Shelter in October of 2017, and he’s staying for good.

Tom Petty’s favorite things are laser pointers, cuddles, and terrorizing his older (and far larger) brother and sister. He sometimes acts like a cat/dog hybrid, running to the door to greet you when you come home, and then curling up in your lap when you sit down.

He doesn’t have any pet peeves, and the best day of his life so far was Thanksgiving, because he was carried around and cuddled with all day long.
Tom sometimes gets a case of the sniffles due to an unfortunate case of feline herpes. That doesn’t slow him down though! He can race around the house and scratch the furniture with the best of them, (and he does so regularly).

So far his human family is in love with the little guy, but the jury is still out amongst his four-legged family members. He’s won over the heart and mind of the dog, but whether he will win over the other cat remains to be seen.

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