Musical of the Week: Be More Chill

Kristen Hines, Columnist •

While there are plenty of musicals that have spent their time in the limelight of Broadway and the Tony’s, there are a good selection of musicals that didn’t get that opportunity. Our musical today is “Be More Chill”, a musical based on a book of the same name that was released in 2015, but has since become a cult hit just last year.

“Be More Chill” is one of the few sci-fi musicals out there that is slowly growing in popularity. The premise follows high school student Jeremy Heere, who comes into contact with a strange pill called a Squip, that is actually an intelligent AI that resides in his brain after ingesting it which has the ability to teach Jeremy how to be the coolest kid in his school. And yes, that does sound incredibly weird on paper, but it’s definitely an adventure worth taking, as Jeremy realizes that listening to a voice in your head may not always be the best nor safest option.

The music, written and composed by Joe Iconis, is a kind of rock style, making the whole thing sound sinister and futuristic despite taking place in present day. The sinister and ominous undertone of some of the songs as the plot progresses gives a sense of chills but not so spooky in a way that could give you nightmares. It has a hint of retro music sprinkled in as well, giving it a bit of a geek culture vibe to go with the science fiction related things that go down. The songs can make you go from swaying your head from a gentle tune, to bopping your head from the catchy beats.

“Be More Chill’s” slowly growing fanbase have fallen in love with the premise and characters, also inspiring other theater companies to revive the show since it never made it to Broadway. It may sound like a musical you’d never be into, but if you give the songs a listen and get to know the story, “Be More Chill” may just be the upgrade you need.

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