Mungai’s Outdoor Retreat

Sam Mungai, News Writer •

Most of you, when you look at this title, may be thinking, “but dude, we know it was just Valentine’s a couple of days ago, we know that love is in the air.”
With the title, “Love is in the Air,” what I mean here is that every year around this time of year, many airline companies worldwide make special surprises for many of their customer couples.

Depending on the length of the trip some airline companies go as far as literally upgrading their passengers from economy class to first / business class.
For shorter distant flights,the flight attendants get the couples a box of chocolates a whole bottle of wine.

Since some people will be traveling during this love day, here are my three tips in making your Valentine’s surprise a total success:

Number one: Don’t tell your lover where you’re traveling to! – There is a reason why we call it surprise travel, let it come as a total surprise to the person because it will make them feel even more special.

Number two: Make a public announcement- You want to know the best way in showing your partner how much you love them? The best way is to take the microphone and publicly tell the rest of the other passengers that you love your partner. Just a word of caution, this may not work for some couples, so, if you do this and you end up breaking up or getting divorced, blame yourself You had the choice to ignore the tips in this article.

Number three: Make sure you take a picture with them- In order to make your on-air valentine’s day more profitable it’s always advisable to take a selfie with them, so that you can remember that day for the rest of your lives.

So, here you have it, my tips for making love fly smoothly for you during Valentine’s day celebrations. Once again, if any of my tips make you end up breaking up or divorcing, BLAME YOURSELF, you had the choice to not listen to my advice.

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