Jolie Lewis Interviews For New Position

Emily Bunn, News Writer •

Emory & Henry held the second interview for the dean of students position Wednesday, February 7. The candidate was Director of Academic Success and Retention Jolie Lewis.

Lewis began her talk by stating some of her past work with the college, including Freshman Orientation, Student Leaders, and many other crucial parts of Emory and Henry. She believes that Freshman Orientation is one of the key experiences of college for all students because when they have a wonderful first experience, they are more likely to stay at the college. Lewis said she prefers to use a “chaos approach” to education. What she meant by this was that she thinks it is best to meet students where they are and not try to raise them too quickly. Lewis said that she wants to “co-learn” with students, saying, “Let’s learn together.”

One of the main changes that Lewis wants to make at the college is the retention rate of students till their graduation day. She has also worked very closely with the Dean of Student’s Office throughout her time here. Lewis says that she loves the connection and positive relationship that the position of dean of students has with current students. She said, “I strongly believe in the work that happens in the Dean of Students Office.”

Lewis had three basic points that she wanted to get across to her audience which were as follows; her vision, the outcome, and collaboration with others. Her true vision is to work closely with students, faculty and staff, the community, and alumni. She used the example of a braid saying that academics, work and service, and co-curriculars come together to form the perfect academic experience for college students. She wants students to be involved in their college and with this position, she states, that she could form a better and longer lasting connection with students through this position.

One of the main topics of the talk was collaborative leadership. Her ideas on collaborative leadership included having goals for the group, trusting her partners to know their jobs better than she does and simply being as flexible about things that didn’t work properly.

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