Have You Heard Of AsapSCIENCE?

Allison Hamilton, Guest Contributor • aphamilton16@ehc.edu

AsapSCIENCE is a is group of two scientists who decided to make a few goofy songs about science. Now this sounds really nerdy and that’s because it is. However, their songs are actually really catchy.

I first found them on Spotify, but they are also on iTunes. They only have five songs, but those songs are top quality. One great part about their music is that most non-science people can understand the the songs.

They are probably most famous for their song “The New Periodic Table Song”. If for some reason you need to learn every element in the Periodic Table just listen to that song on repeat and you’ll have it down in no time.

The next song you should listen to is “The Science Love Song”. If you are really into science or you have a significant other who is, you need to show them this song. It starts out as a light hearted piano song but moves into comical science lyrics. My favorite lyric is probably, “Just like the movies, I’d steal your heart, but then you’d die so I won’t do that.”

The third song is a parody of Taylor Swift’s “Style” song, hence its title “Style (Science Acapella Parody)”. In this song, the two scientists talk about evolution and how science never goes out of style.

If you have ever taken biology then you’ve probably learned about meiosis and mitosis. When I was trying to learn the difference between the two AsapSCIENCE’s song “Mitosis vs Meiosis Rap Battle” helped me. This one probably won’t make a lot of sense if you aren’t familiar with meiosis and mitosis.

Finally, if you are a fan of Star Wars you will definitely appreciate their song “Science Wars (acapella Parody)”. They use popular Star Wars musical themes to go through different fields of science debating which one is best.

Overall their songs are probably the nerdiest things I’ve ever listened to, BUT I do not regret discovering their unique way of teaching people about science. If you want a good laugh or you’re curious about what a science song is, you should definitely listen to AsapSCIENCE.

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