First Interview For Dean Of Students Position

Hannah Long, News Editor •

Throughout last week, E&H interviewed several candidates for the dean of students position. The position was recently vacated by previous dean of students Kyle Cutshaw. Cutshaw had worked for the college since 2007.

The first interview took place on February 6, and the interviewee was James McCoy. McCoy is currently the assistant dean of students at MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois.

In his interview, McCoy emphasized the importance of building relationships, both “positive relationships with co-workers” and with students.

McCoy said that he started his current career by working in resident life programs. He has also worked at Seton Hill University as the resident director and at Robert Morris University as an area coordinator and counselor. When describing his work as a counselor, McCoy said he taught “people how to get things out of their head,” and he also served as a liaison for sexual assault survivors. He has also worked in tutoring, academic support, and academic misconduct.

McCoy has been involved in multiple programs over the years, such as “Labor of Love,” a program designed to beautify the Seton Hill campus, and an “International Food Festival” program. The Food Festival program aims to introduce students to different cultural cuisines. McCoy has also worked in gender-specific academic mentoring programs designed to help students learn basic concepts of etiquette, such as appropriate sexual consent and how to “apply principles of self-understanding to conflict situations.”

Director of career services Amanda Gardner was in attendance during the interview session on February 6. When she asked what drew him to working in school administrations, McCoy said he liked how “every day is different” and that the job presents a constant challenge for him.

In his career, McCoy has worked with students in many areas, and he likes to focus on the importance of mentorship. He said one major role of his job is to serve as a “role model” for students. Another role he emphasized is the importance of character and maintaining relationships by “actively listening” and “recognizing beliefs” in a diverse student body.

He said if he had to sum up his message, McCoy would say, “mentoring, accountability and hands-on engagement– those are the biggest qualities I’m about.”

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