The Good Place Season 2

Regan Booth, Columnist •

“The Good Place” is a story about what happens after people die, and it follows a lady named Eleanor. When she firsts dies it is said to her that she is in the “Good” Place and that there is a bad place which is depicted as hell. It is very hard not to end up in the Bad Place and soon we find out that all of the information on Eleanor is wrong. In “The Good Place” people are paired up with their “soul mates” and Eleanor informs hers that she thinks there has been a mistake. Michael, the architect of their Good Place “neighborhood” leads them through how the Good Place works, but mishaps keep happening due to Eleanor not really being a good person. The events unfold and she makes friends who find out her secret, and then in the end of Season One they all find out that Eleanor is not the only one that is not supposed to be in the Good Place, and in fact none of them actually even are there.

This was what happened as a recap of the first season, but a lot has changed. It has been found out that Michael (who is actually the Demon in charge of torturing Eleanor and her friends) tricked them all into thinking that they were in the Good Place but was actually using them to drive each other crazy. Since the gang has gone through trying to change their old ways and become better people, they try and get themselves out of going to the actual Bad Place. While getting over the twist of their Universe not being heaven, they now have to escape hell. Eleanor and her friend’s journey to surpass demons in such a funny and entertaining way makes this show so interesting and new. There is not another show out there that is like this, and that is what I personally like the most about it. While watching it, you don’t only laugh but you think, which is something that comedic sitcoms nowadays do not do in a fresh way.

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