Riverdale Review

Regan Booth, Columnist • rebooth15@ehc.edu

The last time that Riverdale got super complex I for one almost lost all interest.

The show went on a little bit of a break since the big blow out Christmas special that revealed who the “Black Hood” serial killer was.

The issue that I found with this was the ridiculous aspects of the teenage relationship plotlines.

Obviously, at this point they all have dated one another, but the lengths that the show is taking it is horrible.

Jughead and Betty or Betty and Archie; it seems to keep going on and on and going back and forth. I love this show, but I think in order for it to stay on track the romantic problems with the kids flipping back and forth between one another needs to slow down at least a little bit.

I know that commentary was a bit negative, but I will say that the show is doing just the right amount of cheesy teen/murder drama that we all love other than that.

This last episode for instance, invited Betty’s long lost brother back into her and her crazy home, seemingly replacing Polly.

Inviting new people onto the show to stir things up is something that keeps everything fresh, especially given what just happened on the show with the serial killing spree. I also believe that we will be seeing more of Polly, even though she ran off and joined a “farm” which we all know means “commune.”

Something that I find cool is the fact that there is all of this mystery behind the Lodge family, and especially now that the FBI has come to ask Archie to spy on his own girlfriend and her family.

Yes, Archie is doing it mainly to protect his father but it is easy to predict that this will end up badly for his relationship with Veronica.

While this show keeps having twists and turns, I do believe that once it gets back into the post-Christmas flow of things watchers will receive the right amount of drama, and not a hodge podge mess that has seemed to happen.

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