Pet of the Week:

Emma Grace Thompson, Guest Contributor •

Pickle is an 8-month-old official Emotional Support Animal here at Emory & Henry College. He lives in Weaver Hall with his mom, Myranda Staiano. Pickle was adopted when Myranda and Emma Grace Thompson happened to be in PetSmart looking at the cats up for adoption just before closing.

They weren’t looking to adopt, they just like browsing. An employee of the store approached them, saying, “You guys look like you need a cat!” Apparently, Pickle had been found outside, and no nearby shelters were accepting cats. They were told he would die if he wasn’t adopted—so they adopted him.

He was just about a month old at the time and he was very skinny and covered in fleas. Myranda and Emma Grace washed him and picked his fleas off of him one by one. He’s now a happy and flea-free boy!

He loves treats and he knows how to do one trick. He also has many cute outfits because he loves fashion. You can follow Pickle on Instagram at PickleBoyPics.

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