Naff Growing As A Swimmer, Leader

Peyton Williams, Sports Writer •

Wilson Naff has been a huge contributor the Emory & Henry College Men’s Swimming Team this season. The freshman from Marion, Virginia has been swimming since he was toddler. Naff said, “I’ve been swimming my whole life. I got involved in swimming at a very young age because my siblings were doing it. I was in the water as soon as I could walk.”

Naff has joined a small group of guys that are known as the founding fathers of the men’s swim team. Naff said he chose E&H because he wanted to help start a new program. The men’s swim team has been a recent addition to the competitive sports on campus. “I’m from the area so when heard the school was starting a men’s swim team, I couldn’t miss the opportunity,” he said. Naff went on to describe the impact that his coaches had on his decision, saying that E&H has the best coaches hands down.

As the season is coming to an end, Naff enters the ODAC postseason meet this weekend. He stated that he hopes to win the 100 meter backstroke. Naff described that he won the 100 meter backstroke in 2015 while he was at Marion to earn a Virginia High School League state title.

When asked about how the team has performed this season as a whole, Naff was full of praise. “Overall, the team has done amazing this season and I can’t wait to see how everyone places at the ODAC meet this weekend,” he said. From a personal standpoint, Naff knows he still has work to do. He explained that he hasn’t had any personal records this season, but is looking for that to change after he competes this weekend.

Aside from the pool, Naff is a mass communications major. He is considering minoring in Spanish. Naff knows what degree he will hold once he graduates, but he has yet to decide on what he wants to do with his life once he leaves campus.
Naff will return to the pool this weekend as he competes with the rest of his teammates in the ODAC meet.

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