Doggos Need Love Y’all

Alison Hamilton, Guest Contributor •

I have found my new favorite hobby: petting dogs. It’s not really about petting dogs, it’s more about getting to love them. A big part of loving dogs at an animal shelter is being right beside them and comforting them when they’re scared or when they need to know that everything is going to be alright.

I try to visit the Washington County Animal Shelter at least once a week. For me, going to the shelter is a way to get some distance from all of the stress of homework and papers and exams at school. I don’t just go there to destress though, when I’m around dogs I’m in my happy place.

Dogs have such pure spirits. Even when a dog has been mistreated there is a part of it that allows it to trust again. It might take some time, but that’s all part of the experience. When you spend time with a dog you are creating a bond that could mean all the difference to that pupper.

Nothing gives me more joy than knowing that I was able to make a dog happy for however long I got to spend with it while it was at the shelter. Animal shelters aren’t always warm, cozy places and they can seem scary for a dog. Often times when a dog arrives at a shelter its world has been turned upside down. Things might never be the same as they were before the shelter, but the dog’s shelter experience doesn’t have to be a bad one.

That’s where I try to help. If I can make a dog happy just by spending a little bit of time with it, then you better believe I’m going to try.

I don’t know who gets more happiness out of my trips to the shelter: me or the dogs. Dogs are always happy to see you and they always seem to know how to make your day better; they don’t even try to make your day better it just happens because they are dogs.

If you’re thinking about going to a shelter to play with dogs DO IT! You don’t have to
plan on adopting a dog to go to a shelter. People at animal shelters are just happy to see people interacting with dogs and making sure they aren’t lonely. Here are a few tips before going to the shelter:

Acceptable names to call a dog include: Good Boy/Girl, Goodest Boy/Girl, Best Boy/Girl, Doggo, Pupper, Baby, Little Baby, Sweetums, Sugar, and any other cutesy name.

Don’t be afraid to ask to take a doggo out to play. You’ll like it, the doggo will like it, and everyone will be happy.

Make sure you give that pupper all your love because dogs can tell when you’re holding back so just go for it.

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